Club Handbook ~ Season 2020 - 21




Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 Season

Mike Halling

Mike Halling

After almost a decade of unparalleled success we finally paid the price of this success with players moving to higher leagues to further their rugby futures. Several also moved on to progress their careers and a few retired.

Even though about twenty new players joined the Club, with the player losses and injuries, there wasn’t sufficient time to recover and both the 1st and 2nd XV were relegated. However the good news is that the 3rd XV had a storming season winning all of their matches and were promoted.
The Virus problem cut the season short but had no effect on the final outcome.

The Club has been strengthened this summer with a large influx of new players. Coupled with the proposed league restructuring in the 2021-22 season and a good performance in North One East League this year, we have a good chance to return to the new Level 5 where there will be 3 level 5 leagues instead of 2.

The Virus will once again delay this season’s start until the earliest date of January 2021.
The Rugby Management positions remain the same this year apart from Steve Bowden who left the Club last season because of his commitments at Doncaster Knights. Andy Clitheroe has joined the Club as Coaching Assistant to the 1st XV from West Park Leeds to assist Rhys.

Sadly Sir David Jones, our Immediate Past president, passed away earlier in the year after many years fighting Parkinsons Disease. His personality, humour, expertise and generosity will be missed by all.

The Club finances are in good shape with one of the best cash generation years in a decade in spite of a curtailed season. Unfortunately the major Club extension project could not go ahead because of the impact of the Virus when the RFU top up loans were put on hold for a period as yet unknown. However our outstanding Minor Project for which we have received a part grant from Ilkley Council will go ahead in October involving the stabilising of 200 square metres of parking area behind the 1st XV pitch.

A big thank you goes to our volunteers, without whom we could not survive. A special thank you goes to John Oddy and his Company for the excellent work that has gone into bringing the Club systems well into the front line of the modern era and to John Coen for tackling the big programme of work that confronted him in his first year as Secretary. Also to Bobby Simms for his continuous extraordinary contributions on a daily basis.

Once again, thanks to all of our Sponsors especially Chris Chadwick from Airedale Chemicals; Gecco/La Casita; Smart Search and Premium Credit and also to the Members who donated to specific projects in the year.

Finally, THANKS to all of our supporters. Please continue to help us in this difficult year with the hope that we can return to normal rugby in 2021.