Club Handbook ~ Season 2020 - 21





Ilkley Rugby Clubs' senior physiotherapist is: Alison Briggs.Mike Bryant


  • A physiotherapist will be on hand on at least one training night per week and will advise players on all injuries.
  • Players should notify the club physiotherapist of any medical condition that may be significant when treating injuries. We have a well-equipped physio room.
  • In the rare event of serious injury there is a RFU protocol for dealing with it.
  • All injuries requiring hospitalisation, no matter how long or short a stay it is, are recorded and notified to Twickenham so that the circumstances can be recorded and measures taken to prevent recurrence.
  • Always follow the advice you are given to help prevent injuries and to aid recovery from them.
  • The club injury protocol is displayed on the notice board in the changing room corridor. Please read and follow it.



  • All teams representing Ilkley Rugby Club are covered by the basic RFU insurance scheme.
  • Players are advised to familiarize themselves with the extent of the cover provided. Details
    are posted on the notice board and are available from the secretary.
  • Players should note that cover does not extend to loss of earnings. Those players whose earnings may be jeopardized due to incapacity are strongly advised to consider additional cover.
  • The RFU does provide such a scheme as do many other insurers. Further information can be obtained from the Secretary. Such cover will be at the cost of the player not the club.
    Andrew Munro

Only fully paid up members are covered by the players' insurance scheme.

Ilkley Rugby Club's Player Pathfinder position is Andrew Munro


The Pathfinder's role is:

  • to maintain player profiles.
  • to encourage all senior players to remain in the game as long as they are fit and able to do so.
  • to encourage retiring players to remain in the game by becoming coaches and/or referees.
  • to ensure that specially talented players progress along the player pathway and graduate through the RFU academy system to achieve the highest possible level of playing standard.