Club Handbook ~ Season 2020 - 21





Ilkley Rugby Club's referee coordinator is: Graeme Hall Graeme Hall

The role is:
• To act as point of contact for the RFU and YRFU referees society.
• To publicise and promote RFU awards and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities to club referees.
• To ensure referee database on RF is up to date.
• To establish and coordinate a club referee's section.
• To identify potential referee candidates by observing coaching sessions, matches and players at all levels.
• To canvas junior players, senior players, coaches, parents and members to consider taking up refereeing.

Ilkley Rugby Club will have as a minimum one RFU qualified referee for each of the mini and youth sections.
Retiring players will be encouraged to take up refereeing through the Entry Level Referees Accreditation scheme or through formal refereeing courses.
These intrepid people are probably the most valuable on the pitch.
They turn out every weekend and go to grounds where they may not know anyone.
They make every game possible, without them there simply is no game.
They often suffer abuse from spectators and sometimes even the players.
Of course they make mistakes, no one is infallible. But they don't make them deliberately or maliciously.
They are doing their best to make everyone's day an enjoyable experience.
It is beholden on everyone concerned with Ilkley Rugby Club to do what they can to make the match day official(s) welcome.
It is up to spectators and players to give referees utmost respect. Respect goes two ways. If we respect the referee, the referee will have more respect for us, our players and our club.
Sometimes refereeing can be a thankless task, but at Ilkley we must make sure it is not.
The referee's authority on the pitch is absolute and without question.
His/her enjoyment of the "Ilkley experience" is a priority for everyone associated with the club.